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If your child did not make it into their first preference school, our free information pack will guide you through the sometimes extremely confusing schools appeal process.

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Helpful Advice

Many parents go through this process alone with no knowledge of the system and what tactics work best. Maxwell Gillott is now offering free guidance to those parents who need help and assistance to appeal their schools decision.

School Children

Step By Step Guidance

  • How do I begin the appeals process?
  • Beginning the appeal
  • Time management
  • The hearing

Our free information pack contains comprehensive information about the 2 stage process, detailing what you can expect and how you should prepare and what to do if you cannot attend.

Why Choose Us?

Our team are recognised as the country’s leading education lawyers. Since 2000, Imogen Jolley has specialised in Admissions law and procedures, both by clerking cases and by training relevant local authority representatives, Independent Appeal Panel members and other clerks. She has written guidance for use by Local Authority Admissions and Access teams.

Since 2009 she has advised and guided numerous parents through the process of taking an admission appeal and has advocated at hearings when required. Imogen leads the team in Lancaster providing Admissions advice for clients, all over the country.

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